Life is full of Mountain Top experiences.  It's up to us to keep them in perspective so we feel balanced and content with who we are and  where we are.

Mountain top looking down in The Sacred Valley of Peru 2011 by Bonny

When we reach our mountain top experience we can look back and see the beauty that was always there on the way up. ~bonny

This page is to give thanks to the many blessings on this stairway of life to my beautiful  clients and friends! 

Count your blessings daily, you will be surprised at how quickly the numbers add up!
author unknown

No words can express how grateful I am! I wake up and thank every part of my body and being and I continue to do so throughout the day and night. My eyesight has restored so much so that I was able to read a book again, which I haven’t been able to do in months! I have shed tears of joy! I feel lighter and rejuvenated. I find myself smiling more and even laughing. I have a renewed sense of hope! I no longer have bad dreams and can sleep peacefully. The angel you gave me my son and I put at the bedside each night and together we pray and ask our angels for healing and protection and express our gratitude.
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thank you for investing your time and sharing your gifts and knowledge. I look forward to seeing you again!

~Joni Yoder, Virginia

Bonny,   Thank you so very much for our time together.  I so deeply appreciate your help and treasure you, your wisdom, insight and healing. Very thankful for all you impart. Such a gift to me and all who you touch, bless, and change for our ultimate good. Truly. You're such a gift to me. Extraordinarily thankful for you. I always look forward to our time together with such anticipation. The love and light, peace and healing is so affirming and freeing. Thank you.....

I hope this finds you well and enjoying the beautiful season on the eastern shore. May blessings abound and return to you tenfold for you give of yourself so very much to everyone around you.
Honored to know you and be touched by your beautiful ministry to souls. 
Heartfelt thank you  Sending you abundant love and light ❤️️
Tina Koeleman, Harrisburg, PA

Dear Bonny, 

Truly you are a "Woman of God, with God, for God.  You reveal the beauty of God.   

Rejoice ~ TEK, Maryland 

.Photo Cuzco Museum by Bonny 

Thank you, Bonny.  I felt such peace leaving yesterday.  You are indeed carrying out important work.
New York City, Julie F.



 Bonny - I was profoundly touched by our visit and haven't yet figured out how to express that in words.  Your presence and love and care were so deeply felt, and it nurtured me and has brought me a sense of greater peace and hope.  

I so admire your radiance and articulateness, and your connection to love and light. 

Dear Bonny,
I want to thank you for the amazing healing I received with you last week.  I was having severe pain in my lower back, and after our session I was literally pain free!  I could feel the angels working with you and the Divine Mothers love all around.  The insights you provided were extremely helpful and brought me to a place of peace.  You are truly a gift from Spirit and I know your healing gifts will touch many. 
Love & Blessings,
Rev. Linda Martin, Mhd.
Belle Vernon, PA


I started seeing Bonny almost nine years ago, after my mother died, when I was hoping to gain some solace. Bonny always told me that my mother was around me, just not in her physical form. Three years ago, when my father was dying, Bonny helped me to navigate his “passing forward.” Despite Bonny’s words of encouragement, I had continued to feel bereft by my parents no longer being physically present. This month when I visited Bonny, she informed me that while she was meditating before I arrived, both my parents had come to her with specific messages for me. They asked her to convey their words. My mother even had directives on the stationery Bonny should use! When Bonny shared their letters, I broke down in tears. Each was distinctly different from the other, reflecting my parent’s specific voices. They knew that I needed a physical and tangible communication from them in order to understand that they were well and didn’t want me to continue grieving in the way that I had been. It was truly a remarkable gift, and I will be eternally grateful to Bonny for bringing their messages to me.   ~ Sybil, NYC 

Dear Bonny,
Thank you very much. You are so caring and giving.. I think you are an angel sent down to the earth.
Blessings, AA, NYC

Wow that was a beaytiful session.
You are really a great, loving teacher Bonny, and you amaze me every time ~ Susan in Rowley, MA

Dear Bonny:  Your work is remarkable and so very
healing.     I have not felt that relaxed both
physically and emotionally in a very long time and my mind was quiet too! 
Leslieann, Administrator,
New York

What brought me to Bonny was ongoing intense physical pain....or so I thought. As I work with her, I realize I'd come to learn.  Bonny has helped me to create a  whole new level of gratitude and to listen from a deep, deep place of intuition.  I feel so blessed to have Bonny in my life.
Thank you, Bonny
Bless you, bless you, Bonny.
You are an inspiration to me.
 Vicki Kramer Nathan, Life and Creativity Coach, NYC

Ms. Bonny - I am shouting out all my love to you, for helping to restore the faith I have always had! I am excited to have you in my life! Your encouraging words that come from your heart goes deep into mine with so much love. It feels WONDERFUL.  I have been sharing my story with a few of my friends. I want them to share the 'wonderous' feelings as I did.   ~Christine, Salisbury, MD

When I talk to Bonny or ask her a question, whether in person or on the phone, I always have a feeling that God is speaking directly to me through her.   She has been a blessing in my life.
~Mary Lou, Houston, TX

Your love, light and kindness will remain with me and I will envision you giving me your enlightened support whenever I encounter tension and angst. Thank you so much, you'll never know how much you have impacted me.  Your clients are very blessed to have you guiding them!
~ in love and gratitude,
Nancy Lukas, LCSW  Somerset, NJ


Bonny- what a pleasure it was to see you again... I always feel amazing! Thank you for the time you give and advice you share. You make a difference :)      MP ~ NYC, NY

Dear Bonny,

You are a true inspiration and calming presence in my life.
I think you had to come into my life in order to survive what
I went through last year as gracefully as I was able to with
your love and guidance.
Thank you and I love you!!!!!!!!
Sandy Fitzgerald Angello
Vice President/Dealer Operator
The Pohanka Automotive Group of Salisbury

wow, Bonny... thank you so so so so so so much.  it's been a different world.   My face also looks different. 
so... thank you thank you thank you so much for all the time you so generously and kindly gave me and for all your amazing gifts and healings and everything.
Claire, NYC, NY

Dear Bonny, It was my honor and also my pleasure to meet you. I was truly guided by an angel to find you. I am blessed.


~Mary, Chincoteague, VA

Dear Bonny,

I wanted to thank you for an amazing experience! I found it truly life changing! I am trying to pass on the positive energy that I have found to those around me and reminding myself to stay positive. It really has made a difference! I am thanking everything around me whenever I think of it and asking the angels around me for help. They listen and respond! I can't thank you enough! Looking forward to seeing you again in the near future!

Patricia Colletti, Salisbury MD

Bonny,  You are fantastic. That session was so full of love and spiritual guidance, for all of us. So many lessons to learn and so much hope and light for mom.  

Thank you. I love you a lot.  Susan, Rowley, MA  


"Bonny is a rare combination of insight, talent, heart, generosity, and love.  And she graciously offers it to anyone fortunate enough to work with her.I don't easily get inspired by many, but Bonny, YOU are inspiring!  Thank you so much!"

Laurie Graff,  NYC,  author "The Shiksa Syndrome" and "You Have to Kiss a Lot of Frogs"

Thank you so very much for helping me find myself and appreciate the interconnectedness of all things...including, especially, what is beyond here on earth ~  WRW, Salisbury, MD

Photo by Bonny 

Our last workshop was such a good day for me! I just want to say thanks! I live so much in my head and have been learning to live more in my heart...and that Sunday I moved into a realm that defies description even now. I find that I am strangely at peace with not understanding exactly what happened. It is rare that I feel comfortable with something I cannot describe!
Vic DiMonda, NYC

Dear Bonny,
   Thank you so much for that incredible affirmation, how powerful those words are!!!  I want to thank you again for spending so much time with me and teaching me what you did.  My experience with you has changed my life, I feel so blessed to have met you.  Can't wait to see you again!!
Many Thanks,
Sherry  Heiling, Salisbury, MD

It was wonderful spending time with you and gaining so many insights.   Thank you for being there; I feel lucky to have met you and look  forward to many more visits. Have a healthy, joyous summer.
With love,
Joyce McKee, NYC

Dearest Bonny,   I can't thank you enough for the life affirming workshop yesterday.   I had a great time and walked away with renewed enthusiasm and vitality.  You are  a beautiful gift and your loving spirit is truly healing and inspirational.  It was a special group of women, to be so open and supportive in such a short time, it's a testament to your all encompassing love that unites others quickly and authentically.  Seeing you again reinforces my belief to stick to my desired direction and I will not compromise as I pursue my higher purpose.
All my love and appreciation to you for being a guiding light in a scary storm!

Nancy Lucas, MSW, LCSW, Somerset, NJ

I want you to know that my experience with you has moved me in a very deep way. I feel that it has connected me more to my spirituality.  After meeting with you, my belief in an afterlife was restored and enhanced because now it's not scary anymore. THANK YOU!!!
I personally cannot wait to meet with you again! Please let me know when you will be in this area again. Bonny, thank you again for all that you do!
~ CD, Teacher, Salisbury

Prayer garden, Lake Ernie from house - photo by Bonny

photo by Bonny 

Many, many thanks for your wonderful, generous and spectacular session today, Bonny.  I mentioned you in my facebook status tonight, and am happy to know you are here and in life
Chocolate Waters - poet, NYC 

Ms Bonny ~ I am thankful for you in many ways, I believe God has sent you to me for many reason's.

1.)  I am now accepting change in my life for all good, to love myself and to be a happier and healthier person for myself and family.

2.) I am emotionally preparing for the loss of my Grandmother and learning how being in touch spiritually will help me to cope with not having her physically.

3.) Reminding myself of all the simple pleasures life has to offer!

4.) Inviting the Angel's in for all things!


You are a blessing in my life and I am thankful to have met you and I can't wait until the next time I stop by to see your new Angel!!

All my love,    Christine, Salisbury

What a wonderful restorative session that was.  I feel today as if I've made another step in my healing and releasing harsh restraints on me.  Your kindness came through, as always.  I felt very warm and safe and clearly there was a message to be given.  (After Healing Energies)   ~ LA, NYC  

Hi Bonny:
Thanks for all you amazing insights today.
Much to think about and reflect on.
With appreciation,
~  Marcia, NYC

You truly have a gift Bonny. I know your thoughts and prayers will support me in my efforts. Your gifts move me to tears. Thank you for your love and support.  
~ John, San Jose, Calif

 Hi Bonny - Thank you again for my reading.  I continue to be deeply affected by it.  ~ A.B., NYC
Wow, I feel as tho I've been taken away - like I was on Peyote or something.  That was awesome.   (after Healing Energies).  
~ N.T., NYC
Each time I come to Reiki, I know that I will be taken care of with the intuitive nature of your thoughts combined with your great sense of compassion and caring always lets me know that there's healing that will happen. Thank you.  
~ Leslie, NYC

Dear Bonny   “It was such a pleasant moment in time for me to speak with you and have our reading. I really gathered a lot of my emotions and felt I went through some emotional cleansing for myself. Thank you for helping through everything... I don’t think words can justify the sense of comfort I felt.

~ Elaine C, LA, Calif

Thank you so much for your kindness and support.  I truly appreciate it.  Thank you so much for a wonderful session.  (after reading)


 I feel euphoric, can you come home with me?   (after Healing energies)


 I thank you for this so much.  It is wonderful to have your gift of illumination and kindness in my life and I am grateful. (after reading)  


 Meeting with you was very healing and helped me, thanks so much.  (after reading)

~ NT, VA

 I'm so glad that I did come by...a lot has been on my shoulders and I was able to release some of the tensions I've been feeling lately. (after reading)

~ JC, NY

 Blissful -can I stay?? (after Healing Energies)  ~ NT, NYC

Ant hill in VA - one golden grain at a time we can make a difference with our thoughts and actions - photo by Bonny

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